Get Fit and Flirt

Fitness Dating
Saturday 19th January

Our fitness dating events are the place for those looking to meet like-minded individuals interested in keeping active and healthy. The event will be a gym based, balanced blend of HIIT training (to get that pulse racing and work up a little sweat) and host guided getting-to-know-you games. For those of you who make a connection or want to spend a little more time in the company of these, and other, excellent people, you will qualify to receive a discount code off our VEE Core event that runs later on that evening.

Please email for queries about ticket purchases

Further Details:

Spaces Available

Expected Duration: 2 Hours
Town/Nearest Station: Old Street

Ticket Price: £20

For security reasons full address details are only disclosed once event ticket has been purchased.

Had a fantastic time at the VEE taster event

2018-01-03 12:17:12

It was very well organised and executed with a great group of very interesting and attractive people and a fantastic selection of games to encourage interactions. Would certainly attend again.

VEE’s taster evening was very well organised and a lot of fun

2018-01-05 17:11:12

The hosts were very welcoming and organised some great interactive games which meant I had the opportunity to talk to everyone in the group. I'd recommend.

Attending the VEE taster event was great fun

2017-11-29 15:12:42

The group they got together were fun, easy going and without any pretense. I even had 2 guys follow up and ask me on a proper date which is very unlike the usual dating scene in London.

Had a great time at VEE’s taster event

2018-03-06 10:23:45

I went alone though i was introduced to people on arrival and was sat with 3 other people at a table very soon after arriving. The games were well organised and created a good opportunity for mixing, without taking the focus away from talking to girls. F