VEE Fantasy Sensual

Saturday 23rd March

Ladies & Gentlemen, we are moving on to our next fantasy event.

Come and join us for a sensational rate of £29 for the early bird ticket and £34 for the general ticket price. Tickets sell out quickly so you best make sure you get one before they all go!

What is VEEFantasy Sensual?

We want to turn dating on its head and go back to basics by making full use of our bodies and our senses.

The event kicks off with a two hour work shop which is underpinned by the concept of 'Bodyfulness' - like mindfulness but focusing on using your body instead and in the company of other singles.

Your facilitators for the evening will be Kerry Steers, Lara Denton and Alexander Sergent.

They will take you through a series of fun, playful and surprisingly powerful exercises, flirty games and rituals designed to get in touch with yourself and others. You will be getting into your body and out of your head without using mindfulness, any new-age-nonsense or alcohol. Sensuality and connection is overwhelmingly intoxicating, however you shall feel secure, safe and guided throughout.

Note that this workshop is sensual NOT sexual. All boundaries are respected and catered for. Bring comfortable clothes to move around in and a smart/casual change for afterwards!

The workshop will then be followed up with some fun and flirty games in a trendy bar just a short walk away which all guests will be guided to by our facilitators.

Join us at VEE (V Exuberant Experiences) and find out after the event if the implicit sexual chemistry becomes the explicit...

We would suggest arriving 10-15 minutes before the scheduled start time to allow for registration.

Location: Highbury & Islington (Ticket Holders will be sent venue details prior to the event date)

The workshop starts at 7pm prompt & late arrivals may not be able to take part.

V Exuberant Experience ticket includes...

-Complimentary drink on arrival at the after party
-Share your VEECard (electronic contact details) with guests post event
-A variety of interesting aphrodisiac foods!
-Friendly & VEE Experienced Hosts, Workshop Facilitators

Testimonials from our Introductory Event in January of this year...

"It was a fun way of meeting new people and spending a Saturday night doing something completely different!"

"I really had a great time - you allowed me to get out of my comfort zone & push the boundaries. It was a very sensual experience where the hosts were fantastic & really welcoming. I highly recommend if you are not afraid to try something different and open your mind. Can’t wait to come to the next event! :-)"

"An enjoyable and well planned event where I met a large variety of attractive and interesting people, would recommend!"

Bodyfulness in more detail

Bodyfulness is all about using your senses such as touch, smell, sight, taste and hearing in order to reconnect with your body and fulfil its needs. In today's ever demanding work life balance many often neglect their ability to be in the present with both their mind and body which are equally as important. In the context of our events bodyfulness means to embrace all your senses when interacting with the opposite sex.

If you have a PayPal account hit on the 'Apply Now' button in gold or if you prefer to pay by card then use the Tick Tailor box with link also below.

N.B. Each person needs to register separately as a member with VEE in order to attend the event.

Please email for queries about ticket purchases

Further Details:

Spaces Available

Expected Duration: 4 Hours
Town/Nearest Station: Highbury & Islington

Ticket Price: £29

For security reasons full address details are only disclosed once event ticket has been purchased.

Had a great time at VEE’s taster event

2018-03-06 10:23:45

I went alone though i was introduced to people on arrival and was sat with 3 other people at a table very soon after arriving. The games were well organised and created a good opportunity for mixing, without taking the focus away from talking to girls. F

VEE’s taster evening was very well organised and a lot of fun

2018-01-05 17:11:12

The hosts were very welcoming and organised some great interactive games which meant I had the opportunity to talk to everyone in the group. I'd recommend.

Had a fantastic time at the VEE taster event

2018-01-03 12:17:12

It was very well organised and executed with a great group of very interesting and attractive people and a fantastic selection of games to encourage interactions. Would certainly attend again.

Attending the VEE taster event was great fun

2017-11-29 15:12:42

The group they got together were fun, easy going and without any pretense. I even had 2 guys follow up and ask me on a proper date which is very unlike the usual dating scene in London.